SA public consultation on Early Childhood Services and Immunisation closes this Friday

25 June, 2019 By AVN admin

No Jab No Play SA

Public consultation on the South Australian government’s Early Childhood Services and Immunisation Discussion Paper closes this Friday June 28 at 5pm.

The government says the information gathered will assist in the development of future legislation. So this is probably your last chance to influence whether this government brings in a draconian version of ‘No Jab No Play’, where incompletely-vaccinated children are denied access to child care and kIndergarten, or a milder version where these children are sent home when there is an outbreak of disease for which there is a required vaccine. For more on this please see an earlier post on this website about the laws being considered in SA.

To have your say visit the following page on the YourSAy website: Early Childhood Services and Immunisation

You will see you can complete an online survey, join an online discussion or email in your feedback.

We suggest you complete the online survey form or send in an email with your answers to the survey. A brilliant member of our community has written up a PDF guide to help you answer the questions – to open the guide click here, and you can save the PDF to your device or computer.

For further ideas see these two articles on our website:
SA Child Development Council warns ‘No Jab No Play’ may violate rights of the child
For Legislators: Opposition And Concern Regarding Australia’s No Jab No Pay/Play Laws

Let’s hope the SA government takes your thoughts into consideration.