Lobbying for vaccination exemptions in Western Australia

07 February, 2019 By AVN admin

As most of you would be aware, later this month, or early next month, there will be a public consultation regarding the proposed ‘No Jab No Play’ law in Western Australia.

For this reason, now would be a good time to write letters to, and request meetings with your MPs.

There is no question that we face a challenging task in trying to prevent a blanket ‘No Jab No Play’ law passing even though the evidence is strongly in favour of the provision of vaccination objection exemptions.  This is a global agenda, promoted by one of the most powerful industries in the world, but we must never give up.

We have prepared a number of documents to assist you in your lobbying efforts.

Recommended Amendments

The following table lists recommended amendments to the Bill.

Recommended Amendments to the WA ‘No Jab No Play’ Bill

Fact Sheet

The following fact sheet summarises the most important facts and evidence in support of vaccination objection exemptions.

A summary of the evidence supporting amendments to the WA No Jab no Play Bill

This is the perfect size to send to time-poor MPs and will also serve as a useful prompt during face-to-face meetings.

The fact sheet is based on a larger report which covers each issue in more detail.


An Evidence-Based Approach to No Jab No Play in Western Australia – Report
Appendix A – Current regulatory requirements by state or territory
Appendix B – Myths & Methods of Mandatory Vaccinationists

Although the report and appendices were not written for MPs as such, there is no reason why the appendices in particular shouldn’t be shared with them if the right circumstances present.  In particular, we shouldn’t be afraid to raise concerns about the falsehoods promoted by mandatory vaccinationists, such as Light for Riley, which is covered in Appendix B.  As long as we do so respectfully then every encounter with a MP will get us one step closer to exposing these activists.

An AVN volunteer is currently preparing a fact sheet about Whooping Cough which aims to comprehensively debunk Whooping Cough herd immunity.  This fact sheet will be linked on this page once it is finished in the next day or so, so watch this space.

Contact your representatives

The contact details for all state MPs are available at the following links, by clicking on the representative’s name.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (Lower House)
Members of the Legislative Council (Upper House)

Citizens 4 Health Awareness

If you would like to connect with like-minded people in Western Australia, please visit Citizens 4 Health Awareness, which is very active on this issue.