Media Release – A new billboard gives a voice to the vaccine injured

24 November, 2017 By Tasha

Media Release

AVN Gives a Voice to the Vaccine-Injured


24th November 2017

The AVN (Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc), a volunteer-run community health group that is committed to defending medical freedom in this country, continues to build awareness regarding the growing number of Australian children and adults affected by vaccine injury.

Our organisation has leased a 6x3m billboard to inform the general public, the government, the media and the medical community that, “One Day, Everyone Will Know the Truth About Vaccines.”

This message points directly to #TashasStory. Tasha David is the mother of 8 children – 6 of whom are vaccine-injured. She is also the AVN’s President. Tasha shares her family’s personal story of vaccine injury:

“My husband and I were never told there could be any adverse vaccine reactions. The only thing we were warned to look out for was a bit of redness and swelling at the injection site. As a result, we never made the connection between the ill-health experienced by our six eldest children who got progressively sicker after each vaccination. Our two youngest children who are completely unvaccinated, have enjoyed perfect health and have never had a course of antibiotics.

“Our two severely autistic daughters have suffered the most, remaining in nappies until they were 7 years old, smearing and eating their own poo, running onto busy roads because they were totally unaware of danger, not being able to sleep at night or to communicate and self-harming in ways such as pulling their own toenails out.”

Tasha’s story is sadly typical of that shared by the tens of thousands of Australian families who have seen their perfectly healthy family members become ill or even die as a result of vaccines. Government officials and media outlets are claiming that these families don’t exist and have tried in every way they can to take away our voice and our choice.

The AVN will continue to do everything it can to bring awareness to all regions of Australia regarding vaccine safety, vaccine injury, vaccine choice, and the tightening noose the Australian government is using to restrict parental and individual rights to say no to some or all of the ever-increasing numbers of vaccines targeting our children and ourselves.