Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Turning their backs on the human rights principle of voluntary informed consent memorialized in the Nuremberg Code after World War II, health authorities in France and Italy are fast-tracking involuntary vaccine mandates for school-age children. In Italy, millions of Italians have been demonstrating since June, protesting the infringements to parental rights. On July 28, industry-beholden Italian legislators voted 296-92 to pass a one-size-fits-all law that mandates multiple doses of ten vaccines for preschoolers through teenagers, imposing steep fines for parents who do not comply. Mainstream media outlets in both Italy and the US ignored the record protests against medical coercion.

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2 comments on “Fast-Tracking Mandatory Vaccination While Government and Media Muzzle Scientists
  1. mags says:

    Hi there- it starts with vaccines and the next thing it’ll be parents who let their kids get fat… If the whole point of a vaccine is to give your immune system a boost, as if by having naturally acquired the disease, then why is not having previously had chicken pox for example, NOT a contraindication of the Varicella vaccine. My kids, both healthy teenagers, have had chicken pox naturally and yet I’m told they have to have the chicken pox vaccine in order to be ‘compliant’ with the government’s schedule. Go figure. Hands up who has shares in the pharmaceutical company which manufactures MMRV?! BTW Perhaps all Australian politicians who support “No Jab No Pay” would like to disclose their children’s immunisation status:)

  2. Dr Richard Smith, fmr BMJ Editor, published a blog in BMJ,”Is the pharmaceutical industry like the Mafia?” It could have easily been titled “Are some politicians behaving like mafiosi?” Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt issued public threats in the style of the mafiosi to Hunt Down medical doctors who uphold the freedom of choice saying to the effect, we know where you are and we shall find you.

    Democracy and freedom obviously mean nothing to him, however he can learn a lot about immunology and vaccines by being injected with all his boosters and the flu vaccine in one go,just as the babies are, publicly on TV, by one of the doctors whom he wants to Hunt Down. How could he refuse?

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