Queensland State Government Spreads Misinformation (Australia)

QLD Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk said that VaxXed should never have aired at Miami State High School despite the fact that over 400 local parents, concerned community members, medical doctors and healthcare professionals attended the screening.

“My initial advice is there has been some misrepresentation from that organisation to the school in question where they conveyed to the principal that they were to be conveying information about organic produce,” she said.

Provided below is a copy of the booking forms created by the QLD Government, which was submitted to Miami State High School and approved by the QLD Government, stating clearly that the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc (AVN), was the organisation hiring their venue.

Those in attendance learned more about fraud at the US Government’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A panel of four, including the AVN’s Meryl Dorey, VaxXed Producer Polly Tommey, Dr Brian Hooker (PhD in Biochemical Engineering), and Dr Suzanne Humphries (MD, Board Certified & Licensed Internist and Nephrologist) attended to answer the public’s questions on the night.

VaxXed is not an anti-vaccination film and has been rated PG by Australian Government classification authorities.

If Annastacia Palaszczuk feels that PG rated films or medical doctors critical of her Government’s policies should be censored from privately hiring any facility owned by the Queensland Government, then we humbly suggest she consider relocating to a country that isn’t a democracy, or changing her Government’s paperwork to make it easier to commit acts of censorship.

We do not know where the Premier received information that the AVN claimed the film was about organic produce, but we invite her to show us the section of the paperwork where we did this.



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8 comments on “Queensland State Government Spreads Misinformation (Australia)
  1. Amba says:

    Can someone please explain in simple English why are we vaccinating kids against chicken pox which many of us endured as kids with no detrimental/long term effects? I hate to see my kids miserable when unwell but its a natural part of life and doesn’t it toughen up our immune system when our body naturally fights of infection? Why are we so intent on vaccinating or creating vaccines for every single little bug – don’t tell me, will never getting sick mean we live forever as a super human race? Suing for vaccine injury does nothing if a child outlives his/her parents and there is no one to continue their care not to mention money will not buy back their quality of life, their goals and dreams. Lastly, if vaccines don’t work (proven by the kids who get sick by the very virus they are vaccinated against) unless every child and adult is vaccinated, does that then not prove there failure? What if we vaccinated every citizen & then a tourist/refugee that was unvaccinated and carrying a virus came here? According to the Government unvaccinated are a risk to the vaccinated thereby stating that the vaccines don’t work which result in a nation vaccinated for no reason at all

  2. MARY Matthews says:

    If the Premier is so concerned about the use of taxpayer funded venues for the showing of a PG rated film then why is she not similarly concerned about the use of same for the distribution of what pretty much amounts to pornographic material under the disguise of the Safe schools program”. What a blatant double standard.

  3. Ginny Webb says:

    I’m embarrassed that even Aunty ABC is trying to pass this kind of desperate Chinese Whisper allegation, which was first rumoured by Murdoch’s News Corps publication, The Gold Coast Bullytin, as “journalism” and deflecting the focus from the content of the film, which is currently being promoted in this country by credible medical and scientific personnel, as well as the parents of vaccine-injured children. Thomas Forbes did not interview anyone involved with the film or from the AVN for balance, nor did he check the veracity of the Premier’s claim, before writing and running the story.

    How has it got to a point where even our so-called public broadcaster no longer presents the unbiased truth, or the interests of the public, regarding a PG-rated documentary, and regarding the use of a public, taxpayer-funded community venue, for a screening which was legitimately booked and voluntary to attend?


  4. Bruce Thompson says:

    It is incredible that holders of such a high office can get away with such blatant lies and the paid off media does not see fit too question them. More incredible is the fact that there are so many willing to play this game of Russian Roulette with their children when it is so clearly based on deception and cover-up. The continued refusal to publicly debate vaccines in any form of fair and impartial forum is testimony too the multitude of facts they wish to conceal. Australians are fast losing their rights but seem willing to accept this because those who make money out of this keep reassuring them.

  5. Susan Lindberg says:

    Send a complaint to media watch

  6. Susan Lindberg says:

    Send it to media watch

  7. Linda Skrolys says:

    What is happening to our country ?

  8. Tristan says:

    Nice retaliation. Just proves what some people and organisations will fabricate to try and take down a bunch of concerned people wanting to educate themselves and ask questions.

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