Our 2017 Queensland Vaxxed Screenings are here!

VaxXed film & the AVN will be touring Queensland from October 21st – November 6th 2017!

At some of the screenings along the tour, at least TWO of the US VaxXed Team will be skyping in to answer your questions:

Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Polly Tommey
Jonathon Tommey

Kent Heckenlively
Dr Stephanie Seneff
Dr James Lyons-Weiler

We will be collecting your stories after all screenings and along the road on behalf of Polly & the US VaxXed Bus!

The screenings are:

Saturday October 21st, Ipswich/Brisbane West, QLD: FINISHED

Sunday October 22nd, Toowoomba/Darling Downs, QLD: FINISHED

Monday October 23rd, Roma/Maranoa region, QLD: FINISHED

Wednesday October 25th, Emerald/Central Highlands, QLD: FINISHED

Thursday October 26th, Rockhampton Region, QLD: FINISHED

Monday October 30th, Townsville, QLD: ON SALE NOW

Tuesday October 31st, Cairns, QLD: ON SALE NOW

Wednesday November 1st, Kuranda, QLD: ON SALE NOW

Sunday November 5th, Bundaberg, QLD: ON SALE NOW

Monday November 6th, Maryborough, QLD: ON SALE NOW

Stay tuned for announcements of gatherings along the road!

Join us along the tour for a screening, a gathering (you never know who might appear on Skype!), story sharing, political meetings, and media interviews.

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14 comments on “Our 2017 Queensland Vaxxed Screenings are here!
  1. Carmen Beauchamp says:

    I have been waiting to see it, but unfortunately it falls on a night that I can not attend due to another event! Is there any other time that it will be shown in Townsville or another way that I can view this online? I am happy to pay the requested fee. Thank you

  2. tanirichardsx says:

    I was looking for Perth dates. Did you make it over to the West?

  3. Sheree says:

    We can’t make it.. We are devistated!! We are in Newcastle NSW wish you could come here… We can’t use childcare/preschool or kindergartens we are robbed of any choice of our own… Something needs to change.. Thanks for coming and helping us fight and to bring awareness… Just wish you could come to Newcastle..

  4. David says:

    I think we have lost the battle for freedom over own body here in Australia.

    Now medical staff cannot speak out against vaccines because of fear of fines.

    All main stream media has sold out to the ‘vaccines are safe’ propaganda.

    Even most people in my local church, who should know better, cannot see a problem with this…

    • Kathy Austin says:

      A few at my church can see the problems David. Most are just uninformed. They were vaccinated as kids and are fine…..little do they know how things have changed.

  5. Pene says:

    Please come to Townsville

  6. Carol says:

    Would you be coming to British Columbia CA ?

    • AVN admin says:

      I believe there is a VaxXed team already in Canada. We are in Australia so it’s just a wee bit far to drive there 🙂

  7. maurice mcguire says:

    when are you coming to tasmania?? launceston??

    • Tasha says:

      Hi Maurice, as soon as someone can find us a venue in Tasmania that wull show Vaxxed, we can get the ball rolling from there ????

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