The PM’s push for a nationwide ban of non vaccinated children from preschool

I know everyone is feeling devastated and angry after Turnbull’s announcement but I need you to use that raw emotion and focus it in areas that are going to make the most impact. We need EVERYONE to get appointments with their State MPs, because they are the ones who will decide whether to implement the nation wide banning of non vaccinated children at preschools across Australia and get a few friends to come with you! These politicians only get to hear the propaganda that the AMA and the media want us all to swallow and you all know the science and the real issues with these ludicrous and discriminatory laws, our politicians need to hear the truth!

We have set up a lobbying page that has the links to all Australian politicians and will be adding important key points to choose from that you need to download print out and put in a folder so that you can give one to your politician and have one for each of you that are going to this appointment. This way you will have strong, well referenced and most importantly clear and concise points to raise with them.

This is how the AVN and a group of seasoned activists were able to get some MPs to help us in Canberra to get a senate inquiry in to No Jab No Pay and how we are now growing and building on these relationships and increasing our reach. You can do this too! The key is being respectful yet honest with them so that they can hear you without feeling attacked, then they will be more willing to help you in whatever way they can. If you have trouble getting a few friends to come along with you contact us at or your local pro-choice support networks and we will help you get the support you need.

We have also created a page called the Voices of the Vaccine Victims of Australia and we are calling on all of those of you who may not be ready to do a video but can share their story anonymously to please email us at and we will post them on our page. These stories will also be sent to all politicians so they will know without a doubt that children will die and be permanently injured as a direct result of their mandatory vaccination policies. We will be posting these stories on social media and in our newsletters as they come in…

3 comments on “The PM’s push for a nationwide ban of non vaccinated children from preschool
  1. Gary McNough says:

    No conflict of interest?
    Lucy Turnbull firm Prima BioMed in China deal – The Australian

  2. Kylie Wilson says:

    My daughter had awful reactions to her needles when I started her catch up program, and they had to be reported, but despite this I was told to give her panadol and antihistamine before her next needle. My son has not had anything. And he is 2 years old and has only required a doctor check once because his ears were inflamed. One time. Medicare only had to pay for him to have once Single visit in two years. No one I know who is immunised can say the same.

    • Aus says:


      Your decision to not have your son immunized is the right one cause all the vaccines contains poison. If you realize that our so-called Governments are actually all COMPANIES, you can see why they push for mandatory vaccinations to poison our children.

      They are all FAKE.
      They are the ones committing shocking crimes upon us for decades if not centuries, and AVN etc should use this fraud of theirs to stop these crimes once and for all.

      We can simply say to them that they have NO AUTHORITY to force us to give our children any shot because they are just COMPANIES. That will end various issues we face in this day and age.

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