Party Response: Greg Beattie Independent Senate QLD

11 June, 2016 By AVN admin
For those who don’t know me, I am a past president of the AVN. I took up the position during a period when it was probably the most attacked and vilified legally constituted association in Australia. The attacks came from all angles, including various government departments, and even parliament. But behind them all was a well-organised and apparently well-funded interest group.
If you do an internet search of my name you’ll find several articles and comments written by those attackers. For the real picture of my views about vaccination, visit my website at .

I have represented freedom of choice on this issue at Commission, tribunal, Senate and other government committee hearings at state and federal level, starting 20 years ago. And I’ve written two books about vaccination.
We all know that our elected representatives no longer represent US. They represent the parties they are beholden to. Democracy is all but dead.
We all work so hard to bring about healthy change in our communities, on many fronts, but our job is 10 times harder than it should be. That’s because we don’t have democracy!
Two recent events have made me realise that this is the number one priority we need to address.
The first was when the Greens – a party I once had a deep respect for — turned on a large section of its followers by spearheading the push for compulsory vaccination.
The second was the Senate inquiry into No Jab No Pay, last year. I testified at the hearing on behalf of the AVN. The inquiry received an unprecedented response from the public. Thousands of submissions apparently led to a collapse of the web servers.
It was acknowledged that almost all were against the bill. Yet it passed without even one senator opposing it! The will of the people was expressed loud and clear, but ignored.
I have a plan to fix that! Read about it at