Party response: Consumer Rights & No Tolls

15 May, 2016 By AVN admin
As you know, we are totally supportive of your position, and I’ve put together a bit about our party’s stance – and record – against the No Jab policy, so feel free to pass on to your networks please!

I think it’s important for everyone to realise (if they don’t already) that a vote for the major parties or the Greens at the coming election is a vote for No Jab, Fluoride in our water and toll roads …… All of which the Greens (and the ALP & LNP) advocate and support.  So if we want to change No Jab, No Pay;  stop Fluoridation of our water and end toll roads, then they can have an influence at the coming election by voting for parties such as CONSUMER RIGHTS & NO-TOLLS.

We posted the following two articles to our members, and as you know we made a submission to the Senate inquiry in Brisbane :


Did you realise that both the vaccine manufacturer and health authorities KNOW that vaccines can and do have serious side effects in a percentage of the population?

For instance, the manufacturer’s insert for the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine notes the following possible side effects : brain damage, death, seizures, immune system damage, blood disorders, and severe allergic reactions.

This is not scare mongering, these are known facts.  So given these facts, we must have the right to say “No Thanks” to any medications without discrimination.

We stand firmly for an individual’s rights and freedoms.

For those still in doubt about vaccinations, please take a look at this short video :


Wow – breaking news!   Robert De Niro expresses his doubts about the safety of vaccines and a probable link with vaccines and autism.  De Niro has an autistic son and was instrumental in promoting the documentary ‘Vaxxed’ which exposes fraud in the research which approved the MMR vaccine as safe.   Watch his interview with the Today show here :

Like De Niro, we are not ‘anti vaccine’ :  we just want to know that the vaccines we are putting into our babies and children ARE safe, and there are just too many unanswered questions around this issue.

We are calling for a totally independent investigation into this issue to answer these questions – an investigation which isn’t undertaken by the current medical authorities, but by a genuinely independent board comprising concerned members of the public and recognised independent scientists who are not funded by big pharmacy companies.

Let’s find out the REAL truth.

Your members can check out what we stand for at or our FB page: notollsnoselloffs.



Yours faithfully,

Jeffrey Hodges B.Sc. M.Sc.(Hons) B.Ed.
Director,  Sportsmind Institute