Party Response: Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC)

31 May, 2016 By AVN admin


Dear Ms Dorey,

The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia supports the principle of vaccination against preventable diseases. At the same time we are very aware of the influence by major pharmaceutical companies that may affect government decisions on the matter.

Political and moral decisions are being made under an overarching agenda driven by corporate greed to bring about population reduction–depopulation. Some might say vaccinations help that cause, while others, like the CEC, say we should know who is behind the depopulation agenda, and how they permeate the minds of the population with fear to drive it, and be very wary of opening the door to diseases that were once virtually eradicated.

Whilst parents should have the final say in regards to their own children they also have a responsibility to the wider community.

I have attached 2016 Senate Election flyer for the election which highlights the seven key issues that will determine the future for our children and grandchildren.  We have to make sure our government acts (vaccinates) to protect the people and the economy, with bank separation as we outline, before the next crisis erupts.


Ann Lawler
Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC)
NSW Senate Candidate & State Secretary
PO Box 383
02 4932 0991
Mobile: 0428 686297
Email: [email protected]