Party Response: Australian Defence Veterans Party

31 May, 2016 By AVN admin


Dear Ms Dorey

I apologise on behalf of the Party for not responding to your email earlier.

Thank you for the inquiry regarding The Veterans Party policy regarding childhood immunisations.  The Party recognizes that this is a divisive issue among broader communities across the nation.

The Party gives a clear indication of our stance as described in our Policy 11.23 –

Childhood Immunisations: ADVP believes that failing to immunise your child not only risks the child but also risks every other child within which they come in contact.  ADVP supports policy that requires all children attending schooling or childcare be fully immunised.  ADVP supports Government denying Carer’s Allowance to parents who decline to immunise their children without a valid reason as determined by a qualified medical practitioner.

The ADVP appreciate your contact requesting us to clarify our position.  I am available for any further inquiries you or your group may have in the future.



Victoria Oxley

National Secretary

Veterans Party (ADVP)

Office of the ADVP

Veterans Party