Urgent Action Alert – please do this now!

12 April, 2015 By meryldorey

Oppressed by a majorityAs you have most likely heard, the Abbot government has stated that they will remove both the Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement and the Childcare benefits from any family who does not vaccinate their children fully according to the current Australian Childhood schedule. The opposition is in full support of these changes which, it is estimated, can cost Australian families with two children up to $30,000 per year.

The AVN believes that these moves are illegal and unconstitutional and is in absolute opposition to them.

We need all Australians who believe in freedom of health choice – whether you vaccinate fully, selectively or not at all – to immediately call as well as send a very brief email to your local members of Federal Parliament (you can find their details at this link) and also to the following 3 people:

The Hon Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia
Level 2, 17 Sydney Road
Manly, NSW, 2095
Telephone:(02) 9977 6411
Fax:(02) 9977 8715

The Hon Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition
PO Box 214
Moonee Ponds Vic 3039
Tel: (03) 9326 1300
Fax: (03) 9326 0611

The Hon Scott Morrison, Minister for Social Services
PO Box 1306
Cronulla, NSW, 2230
Telephone:(02) 9523 0339
Fax:(02) 9523 8959

All you need to say is the following:

I do not support the “No Jab, No Pay” reforms which are proposed to be enacted into law. I do support freedom of health choice and will vote accordingly in up-coming local, federal and state elections.

If you call, give them your name and if you write, be sure to sign your name and include your contact details.

If you can send these letters by post, that is powerful. If you can’t, please email (using the contact form links above) or fax (or both) but whatever you do, do it today!

We are also asking for pledges for a potential court challenge should the government proceed with this legislation. We will not be charging anyone until we have the means (or necessity) to fight this, but if you would like to help support health rights in Australia, please click here to make a pledge.

To read more about these moves from a very pro-vaccination, anti-health choice page, click here to read the Daily Telegraph’s take on what is happening. There is also a poll on this page asking if you think it is right to financially penalise parents who don’t vaccinate. It would be great if you could vote in that poll.