The Guggie Daily: Tetanus Vaccination: Fact & Fiction

One topic that has frequently come up in the vaccine discussion is Tetanus. It appears that culturally, we are conditioned to fear Tetanus. Many parents express their fears about keeping their children vaccine free because, “what about Tetanus?”
When you think about it, using Tetanus to encourage vaccination is a great tactic. Everyone generally knows that Tetanus is ‘caught’ by a wound. And how many times does a child get a scrape, a puncture, a cut? Every child is bound to step on something or get poked by something. So the pressure to vaccinate is strong, right?

As with all of these issues, getting down to the facts will blow the smoke away. And with Tetanus, the facts are quite damning.

The Guggie Daily: Tetanus Vaccination: Fact & Fiction.

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14 comments on “The Guggie Daily: Tetanus Vaccination: Fact & Fiction
  1. Sheb says:

    Hi there,I feel so strongly against the use of vaccines,unfortunately I did not know all that I do now to make an informed decision and of course when my kids were born they were immunised,now in high school,they are not going to get these booster shots.
    I was badly bitten by my cat,as I googled cat bite it was suggested to go to emergency & get a tetanus shot,no way was I going to do that,I used my therapeutic essential oils,applied them often,kept an eye on it to make sure the tell tale sign of infection(usually a red line shooting from the area),this wound healed nicely with no problems at all.
    Another point I would like to make is the fact that some parenting payments will not be paid if kids are not vaccinated,sounds like bribery to me,where has our right gone to do with our bodies as we see fit & as a healthier alternative.
    Babies come into this world with their little bodies perfect,then we inject them with stuff ,I hope more people make informed decisions for the better.

    • meryldorey says:

      Thanks for your comment, Sheb. Just to let you know however, the government will not withhold any payments at this time as long as you are registered as a conscientious or medical objector to vaccination. There are plans by the Federal Government to take that right away. If you care about this, please contact your federal representatives and let them know how you think. Let others know as well. We must be vocal in order to protect our rights!

  2. Jack says:

    Edit sorry – Of these THIRTY SIX that present each year, the overwhelming majority are people who have chosen to be unvaccinated. (The original statistics were out of date and i changes them to reflect the best data i could find).

  3. Jack says:

    I thought I would supply you all with the rest of the information so that you may make an informed decision.

    Whilst it is true that tetanus is an aerobic bacteria (thrives in low/ no oxygen environment), this does mean a bleeding wound is safe from infection. Bacteria such as Clostridium tetani can infect a wound an release toxins that lead to necrosis. Necrosis is the word for tissue destruction. In such a senario adequate oxygenation is reduced, setting up an ideal environment for infection. Furthermore, tetanus has been reported in people with no identifiable wound (granted this is exceedingly rare).

    Now luckily tetanus is an uncommon disease in Australia. On average, 36 cases are reported each year (department of health and aging – This is a 10 fold decrease from before the vaccine was introduced (1947). Of these fifty that present each year, the overwhelming majority are people who have chosen to be unvaccinated (the estimated infection rates in those who have adequate vaccination is 1/4 million – Unfortunately, of those 36 who are infected, 30% go on to die of the tetanus. So as you can see, infection is uncommon but carries a very serious risk.

    As has been identified above, the vaccine like all treatments carry an associated risk. In a 2009 article in the journal of injections diseases, researches evaluated 436,000 tetanus vaccinations and found that an average of 3 adverse events were reported for every 10,000 people vaccinated (0.03% and a total of 103 people of the 436 000 investigated). These adverse events covered a wide range of reactions, with the vast majority being cellulitis – a relatively minor local inflammation of the injection site. The most serious adverse effect reported was a systemic allergic reaction. This was found in 7 of the 430,000 people vaccinated. There were no reported fatalities. (1) Given that the vaccination is given at most, a few times over a lifetime, the risks are very small.

    Sorry this post is so long winded. As you can see, the risk from both the disease and the vaccination is very low. I thought I would supply you with the facts so that you may make an informed risk/benifit decision for yourself and your children


    1 – L, Jackson. Belongia, O. Hambidge, S. Baxter, R. Naleway, A. 2009. Frequency of medically attended adverse events following tetanus and diphtheria toxoid vaccine in adolescents and young adults: a Vaccine Safety Datalink study. BMC Infectious Diseases. 9: 156-9

    • admin says:

      Jack – tetanus is not an aerobic bacteria, it is anaerobic. And vaccination is not meant to be a treatment, it is a preventative. If you have made such basic mistakes, one has to wonder why you are trying to state that others are not well-informed on this issue?

      • Ahab Lubin says:

        Yes it seems Jack made a typo, I’m assuming he meant anaerobic. However, cant see anywhere in his post where he states that the tetanus vaccination is a treatment. Hope you’re not making stuff up to support an untenable position.

  4. Andrew says:

    I posted a comment below, but need to also add that two days after the gash, I received homeopathic treatment, and persued that for a week. I was more than satisfied with thast rather than receive chemically hazardous injected substances. My wound was treated correctly and I then received a passive treatment. I was happy, and it worked.
    I chose to not accept any chemical being injected into my body, against my doctor’s advice.

  5. Andrew says:

    Thank you Catherine. I recently received a very nasty gash, and was told by my doctor to take a tetanus jab, but I declined. He scoffed saying I would most likely die. Yes, he did. I had my wound properly cleaned, and live to tell my tale.

  6. Aussie mum says:

    When I was a child and fell over and scratched myself. The first thing my mum did was wash the wound, give me a kiss to make me feel better and off I went to play and receive more scratches and the process continued.

    Was there anything wrong with that?

    Catherine Tighe- do people actually receive the single Tetanus Vaccine or is it the polyvalent vaccine?

  7. I’ve just read the information on tetanus. It’s very interesting.

    We have a natural healing business and provide our clients with remedies to ensure the puncture wound is cleansed. We also have a testing process where we can identify what bacterias are in the body and often find this tetanus bacteria. Maybe not current, maybe stored from a previous infection or maybe just inherited genetically from ancestors.

    On the other side of this I have clients who have been told the tetanus shot is the only way to go and in a moment of stress they have relented and that has made their animal or child very ill and from our point of view, taken a lot of work to get their health back on track.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment in your forum about this subject.

    Kindest regards Catherine Tighe