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19 October, 2012 By meryldorey

Dr Kalokerinos and Hilary Butler in Alaska

This is an absolute MUST download! Dr Kalokerinos was an Australian hero and his caring attitude for his patients as well as his willingness to cop the flak for breaking ranks with mainstream medicine should definitely have seen him with a Nobel prize for medicine (as is stated in this article).

Hilary Butler and the Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust have kindly published Archie’s last book as a free PDF and you can and should download it at the link below and send this link to everyone you know of who might have even a little bit of interest in this issue – including your members of parliament and perhaps the health ministers too.

Dr Kalokerinos’ Last Book

[UPDATE – we are sorry to say the vaccinationcouncil.org website where the book was hosted is not working at this time. We will see if the book is available somewhere and update this page if we find out.]