V is for Vendetta

29 April, 2012 By meryldorey

Since being vindicated by the NSW Supreme Court on the 24th of February and subsequently having our authority to fundraise reinstated on the 18th of April this year, the AVN has been the subject of no less then four separate government investigations.

The Health Care Complaints Commission received a 90-page complaint by Ken McLeod – member of Stop the AVN and a man whose obsession with me seems to border on the psychotic.

McLeod filed the original complaint, resulting in a 12-month ‘investigation’ by the HCCC and a public warning – both of which were later deemed to be illegal by the NSW Supreme Court.

It appears that McLeod must spend hours every day trying to prove that I am a liar and that the AVN is responsible for global warming, the current financial crisis and the death of every child from infectious disease no matter where in the world it occurs (this is only slightly tongue in cheek). I will be uploading McLeod’s full complaint and the HCCC’s response next week – I am just waiting to receive the last 67 pages which were sent to me by post.To their credit, the HCCC told McLeod that they had no jurisdiction to investigate either myself or the AVN (we were both named as respondents in the paperwork) based upon his evidence – some of which was gleaned by searching the archives of our email discussion list going back as far as 1998!

Despite the HCCC’s rejection, it is obvious that McLeod will continue to try and get me charged with some sort of crime and will not stop trying to shut down the AVN until one of us is imprisoned or he is finally provided with the psychiatric support he seemingly needs.