Healthy Unvaccinated – Theron

06 April, 2012 By meryldorey

Theron is 14 years old and was given Hepatitis B vaccine at birth WITHOUT my consent.

He has since been vaccine free & on an organic vegetarian diet.

He is rarely ill, did have salmonella poisoning at 2 months of age, whooping cough at 5 years old, (caught from child who’d just had his DPT), &  Chickenpox just recently.

He was breast fed until he self-weaned at 4 years old, wore cloth nappies as a baby, was home schooled through to the 8th grade and will now be attending Performing Arts School.

His adopted sister Nellie has also had chickenpox recently and we are ‘looking forward to whatever fun diseases we can find!’

Both kids have very promising acting careers: Theron is shooting his 1st movie 7/18/08, yay!!!

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