Flu season is almost upon us

05 April, 2012 By meryldorey

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, winter is about to start and with the change of season comes a barrage of ads by the government and the medical community to get our flu shots. Every year. Even if this year’s flu is the same strain as last year’s flu. It doesn’t matter. We need our shots every year as do our children.

But more than 80% of what we call flu is caused by viruses which are not contained in the vaccine. And even when there is a good match between the circulating virus and the vaccine, the shot seems to do little to reduce morbidity (the length and seriousness of symptoms) or mortality (the risk of death) – even in those who are the most vulnerable to serious flu symptoms.

This excellent video was produced by the American National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and was shown on Delta Airlines flights last year. It provides balanced information on ways to reduce your risk of contracting influenza – or just about any viral illness – and how to stay healthy which after all, should be the expected aim of any health campaign.

By the way, the NVIC produces regular videos – many of them in conjunction with Dr Joe Mercola. If you would like to stay up to date on the latest news out of the US, consider subscribing to the NVIC’s YouTube Channel to receive email notification when new videos have been posted.