First Do No Harm – Vaccine Video Goes Viral!

25 April, 2012 By meryldorey


Michael Belkin’s band, The Refusers, has been producing music about vaccination and health for many years now. His perfectly healthy daughter, Lyla Rose, died hours after receiving her Hep B vaccine at 5 weeks of age.

This tragic experience sent him and his family on a journey to find out how vaccines can kill and maim children and why governments allow pharmaceutical companies to get away with putting untested, unsafe ingredients into shots that every man, woman and child is supposed to take for their health.

With First Do No Harm, a name taken from the first line in the Hippocratic Oath which physicians are supposed to swear to abide by, The Refusers have an internet hit on their hands with over 250,000 hits in a very short time.

Their combination of music and education is an inspired mix, sure to reach a broad range of parents and hopefully, encourage listeners to look at both sides of the vaccination issue before making a decision for their own children.