Vaccine-related death – Lyla Rose

My daughter Lyla Rose Belkin died on September 16, 1998 at the age of five weeks, shortly after receiving a Hepatitis B vaccine booster shot. The following comments are intended to be a heads up to parents and potential parents about the risks of the Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV), and a firsthand report questioning the scientific legitimacy of the vaccine industry, which provides $800 million of annual revenue to Merck – the company which makes the Hepatitis B vaccine distributed in the US.

Lyla Rose Belkin was a lively, alert five-week-old baby when I last held her in my arms. Little did I imagine as she gazed intently into my eyes with all the innocence and wonder of a newborn child that she would die that night. She was never ill before receiving the Hepatitis B shot that afternoon. At her final feeding that night, she was agitated and feisty — and then fell asleep and didn’t wake up. The autopsy ruled out choking. A swollen brain was the only abnormal finding. Most doctors I spoke to at the time said it must have been Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a catch-all diagnosis for unexplainable childhood mortality. The first instinctive reaction in such a situation is for parents to blame themselves. For many weeks, my wife and I agonized over what we might have missed or could have done differently. Meanwhile, the logical part of my brain kept returning to the obvious medical event that preceded Lyla’s death — and that internal voice kept asking the question could the Hepatitis B Vaccine that Lyla received that afternoon have killed her? Most doctors I asked scoffed at that notion and said the vaccine was perfectly safe. But I began to search around on the Internet and Medline and discovered disturbing evidence of adverse reactions to this vaccine.

In the US, the Hepatitis B disease mainly infects intravenous drug users, homosexuals, prostitutes and promiscuous heterosexuals. The disease is transmitted by blood, through sex or dirty needles. How could a newborn baby possibly get Hepatitis B if the mother was screened and tested negative, as my wife was? It is almost impossible. Unless a newborn child is having unprotected sex or sharing needles with an infected junkie, it is extremely unlikely to get the Hepatitis B disease. So then why are most US babies inoculated at birth by their Hospital or Paediatrician with the Hepatitis B vaccine? That is a question every parent should ask before getting this vaccination. I’ve discovered the answer is — an unrestrained health bureaucracy decided it couldn’t get junkies, gays, prostitutes and promiscuous heterosexuals to take the Hepatitis B vaccine — so they mandated that all babies must be vaccinated at birth. Drug companies such as Merck (reaching for new markets) were instrumental in pushing government scientists to adopt an at-birth Hepatitis B vaccination policy, although the vaccine was never tested in newborns and no vaccines had ever been mandated at birth before. It is widely recognized that newborns have under-developed immune systems, which can be overwhelmed or shocked.

My search for answers about a link between the Hepatitis B vaccine and my daughter’s death led me to a Hepatitis B vaccine workshop on October 26th at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Institute of Medicine entitled Vaccine Safety Forum — Neonatal Deaths. The NAS was concerned enough about reports of Hepatitis B vaccine-related infant deaths and adverse reactions to hold a special workshop on the subject. Doctors and scientists flew in from all over the US and Europe to attend. I sat in the back and soaked it all up. It was a real eye-opener. There were basically four constituencies represented:

1) Serious scientists observing or presenting research studies.
2) Centre for Disease Control (CDC) pseudo-statisticians and FDA officials.
3) Merck and other corporate drug officials and
4) Parents of vaccine-related dead or severely injured children.

The presentations included a study of Animal Models of Newborn Response to Antigen Presentation, which showed that newborn immune systems were undeveloped and strikingly different than those of adults. The message I received was that immune response in a newborn to shocks such as being injected with a vaccine was potentially unknown, since newborn T-Cells have a radically different behaviour then those of adults. Another presentation was Strategies for Evaluating the Biologic Mechanisms of Hepatitis B Vaccine Reactions, in which vaccine researcher Dr. Bonnie Dunbar of Baylor College related numerous Hepatitis B-vaccine related cases of nervous system damage in adults, such as Multiple Sclerosis, seizures and blindness. On the more positive side, the FDA presented a seemingly reassuring study from its Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS), which showed only 19 neonatal deaths reported since 1991 related to Hepatitis B vaccination.
I found the VAERS study data to be completely deceptive. Since I was sitting in that room and my daughter had died during their sample period and wasn’t counted — I wondered why. In fact, the New York City Coroner called VAERS to report my daughter’s Hepatitis B Vaccine-related infant death and no one ever returned their call! What kind of reporting system doesn’t return the calls of the NY City Medical Examiner — and how many other reports were ignored? This is supposed to be the emergency 911 number for disasters such as bad lots of vaccine that could poison thousands of other babies. With the personal knowledge that the VAERS data was completely flawed, I sat in that room and listened in amazement as CDC officials and Dr. Sharrar of Merck (their head of vaccine safety) made disparaging comments about any possible risk from Hepatitis B vaccination, despite the evidence just presented by impartial scientists.

I studied statistics and econometrics at UC Berkeley and have developed innovative methods of applying probability to financial and economic data in my consulting business with some of the largest financial institutions in the world. That training and experience qualifies me to criticize the statistical legitimacy of the VAERS study, on which Sharrar of Merck and the CDC pseudo-scientists based their pro-vaccination stance. Their comments were scathingly dismissive of any possible risk from the vaccine. But that VAERS study is not a legitimate sample of a data set from which any conclusions about the larger population can be made. VAERS doesn’t return coroner’s calls, leading to the suspicion that deaths and adverse effects from vaccination are woefully under-reported. To conclude that the Hepatitis B vaccine is safe because VAERS only reports 19 deaths is scientific fraud. In fact, I obtained the raw data from the VAERS system and found 54 reported SIDS cases after Hepatitis B vaccination in just the 18 months from January 1996 — May 1997. That’s almost 15 times as many deaths per year as their own flawed study reported. There are 17,000 reports of adverse reactions to Hepatitis B vaccine in the 1996-97 raw data. Clearly something is fishy about VAERS. VAERS was set up by the FDA and CDC and is supposed to be monitored by vaccine manufacturers. If there are 17,000 reports and VAERS doesn’t even return the NY Medical Examiner’s call, how many other deaths and injuries go unreported? I came away from that NAS workshop with the distinct impression that Merck and the CDC didn’t know and didn’t really want to know how many babies are being killed or injured by Hepatitis B vaccination. This is a bureaucratic vaccination program that is on auto-pilot flying into a mountain. The CDC bureaucrats have a vested interest in the status quo. If there were 17,000 reports of a dangerous disease in a 18 month period, the CDC would be all over the case. But when there are 17,000 reports of adverse reactions to a vaccine the CDC advocates for “public health” — the CDC dismisses it as a coincidence. Merck makes $50 a shot from the three-shot series. Where do you think the allegiance of their vaccine safety official Dr. Sharrar lies? He was by far the most arrogant character at the workshop. Merck has sales of upwards of $800 million a year from vaccines.

Vaccination can be a lifesaver if an epidemic is raging, but in this case the risk of vaccination outweighs the risk of infants getting the disease. Surely, the hepatitis B vaccine doesn’t injure every child that gets it, but in some unknown number of cases, it appears to be a death sentence and/or a nervous system toxin to innocent children who are at no risk of getting the disease the vaccine is supposed to protect against. My observations of Merck and CDC scientists at the Vaccine Safety Forum left me with the distinct impression that they had absolutely no idea which babies might be killed or injured by this vaccine. Furthermore, they used obviously flawed scientific data to arrogantly steamroller any opposition to their power. Parents should be aware that the Hepatitis B vaccine is not administered for the well-being of their child. Rather, it is delivered by the long arm of some incompetent and mindless bureaucracy in the name of stamping out a disease most babies can’t possibly get. The Drug Company/CDC/FDA alliance has really pulled the wool over the medical profession’s eyes with the Hepatitis B vaccine. The American Paediatric Society bought the alliance’s sales pitch and now recommends that all infants get this vaccine at birth. So now the first thing most babies get in life is a shock to their immune system from a vaccine against a non-existent risk of contracting Hepatitis B. Clearly, the interests of newborn babies were not represented on the original panel that created this vaccination policy in 1991. This vaccine has no benefit whatsoever for newborns, in fact it wears off and they will need booster shots later in life when they actually could get exposed to the disease.

This is simply a case of ravenous corporate greed and mindless bureaucracy teaming up to overwhelm common sense. Merck in particular has gone way over the edge with this vaccination program. Ignoring and suppressing reports of adverse reactions to their profitable Hepatitis B vaccine verges on criminal conduct. A major media organization will soon present an investigative report on the issues discussed here. Nothing will ever bring my lovely daughter Lyla back, but other needless deaths and injuries can be prevented if this senseless Hepatitis B newborn vaccination program is halted. Please contact Belkin Limited in New York City if you are aware of other infant deaths that may be related to the Hepatitis B vaccine.

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23 comments on “Vaccine-related death – Lyla Rose
  1. Matthew says:


    With respect, I have read the tragic story of Lyla Rose and can certainly see the correlation the parents of Lyla Rose would have drawn. I don’t however see confirmation of the correlation in the brief detail provided about the autopsy. We all must recognise that correlation does not necessarily mean causation.

    The scientific method allows for correction and improvement of hypothesis so where mistakes are identified – be they deliberate as in the case of Andrew Wakefield or genuine as in the case of the Arsenic based life form – the research is retracted and corrections are published.

    All medication is studied and trialled before distribution and controlled when distributed to ensure that everything is traceable back to source. This is in the interest of the patient and the supplier to ensure problems are captured.

    To say that there are no risks associated with vaccines would be naive and ignorant of anyone – any process where humans are involved has inherent risk associated with it – but we need to support science in coming up with the answers and avoid unfounded rhetoric perpetuating conspiracy theories.

    Science through continual testing continues to ensure mistakes are minimalised to make application safer. Science allows for correction – the anti-vaccine stance does not support continued improvement or eradication of disease in our world.

    • Pogma says:

      Yep, everytime a child is killed or severely injured “coincidentally” after a vaccine, we must always conclude that vaccines are safe and it was just bad luck or some other factor.
      People are waking up to your vaccine scam, unfortunately it usually requires the death or deformity of their child.

    • Zanzibird says:

      The pharmaceutical companies have paid out more than $13 billion in fraud and criminal charges by the government, which have killed thousands, and you bring up Andrew Wakefield, whose colleague had the insurance to fight his dismissal (and was exhonerated) but he did not? And he only highlighted that further studies needed to be done. I fail to understand why every single doctor who voices a concern, is utterly crucified!

  2. Janine says:

    Your right Bruce, we need the responsible parents to vaccinate their children, vaccines do not cause harm yes everything has risks and side effects , but the kids need to be vaccinated and there children’s children .

    • admin says:

      Janine, your claim that vaccines don’t cause harm on the same page as a story about a child who was seriously harmed by vaccines is not only disrespectful – it is incredibly dumb as well! Get educated on this subject. Go ahead and believe that the benefits outweigh the risks – but don’t deny that there ARE risks. That is denying the bleeding obvious.

  3. Bruce says:

    Very sorry to hear about your loss.

    However, if we were to stop vaccinating against disease like Hep B, we may have many more stories of parents loosing their children.

    Just look at any country with low vaccine coverage rates (i.e. developing countries) and the burden of vaccine preventable diseases becomes very apparent.

    While there are safety issues with vaccines, there is no evidence that SIDS is caused by vaccines.

    However, we do know, withouth a doubt, that viruses, like Heb B, do cause severe disease in infants, and in many instnaces can lead to death.

    If we want to return to the health status of days before vaccines, or have a health status similar to those countries that do not have high immunization coverage rates, then by all means, stop vaccinating your children.

    Please, educate yourself on the matter. Here are some good places to start.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bruce,
      Why don’t you take a look at the UK. They have NEVER had a newborn Hep B vaccination program and they haven’t seen any huge disaster with Hep B despite a population at risk. You have been sold a line of goods.

    • LEWIS says:

      The department recommends that all newborns and children up to the age of 12 be vaccinated against hepatitis B, which can lead to chronic liver diseases, including cancer. This year, all children entering public school in Texas had to be immunized against hepatitis B, and the shots were offered to seventh-graders in Austin public schools this month.

      The effort did not come about because hepatitis B poses great risks to children. The virus is primarily transmitted among adults who have unprotected sex, share drug needles or are exposed to contaminated blood. There is also evidence that it can be passed through saliva and tears and from a mother to a child in the womb. Locally, only a few cases of hepatitis B in children are reported each year.

      Still, immunizing all infants is widely considered the only way to protect against an outbreak of the disease. Health departments complain that they cannot get teen-agers and adults to be vaccinated once they have begun risky behavior or other exposure to the virus. Better to immunize them while they’re young and receiving other vaccines, the logic goes, and it’s an argument supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

      Baylor College of Medicine immunologist Bonnie Dunbar also believes in universal immunizations and has worked for two decades developing vaccines to protect public health. But since watching two people suffer neurological failures after taking the hepatitis B vaccine, she has spoken out against its further use.

      The vaccine, developed by drug companies Merck and Co. and SmithKline Beecham, was the first recombinant DNA vaccine put on the market in the United States. Unlike conventional vaccines for measles, mumps and polio, the genetically engineered hepatitis B shot does not contain a live form of the virus. Theoretically, the shot won’t give you hepatitis B, as sometimes happens with vaccines that contain a live virus. But Dunbar is convinced that in some people, a protein in the recombinant mixture triggers an autoimmune reaction, provoking the body to attack its own nerves and tissue.

      She has cataloged more than 100 cases of autoimmune disorders found by other scientists, but she can recall two other cases from memory: her brother, whose rashes, joint pain and chronic fatigue have been determined to be side effects of the hepatitis B vaccine; and one of her students, who suffered temporary blindness in one eye and deteriorating eyesight in the other after taking the shot. The CDC and both drug companies acknowledge hearing of similar cases, but they call them extremely rare.

      Dunbar worries that newborns who are given the vaccine are even more vulnerable to that risk because of their less formidable defenses. Under Merck guidelines, newborns and teen-agers receive the same dose of the vaccine.

      “We know from our animal lab experiments that the immune system of the neonate is very different from the adult,” Dunbar said. “It has to be studied.”

      The CDC says it’s looking into the effects of the vaccine and will have results to report next year. Drug companies are also trying to determine how long the immune response to the vaccine lasts before booster shots are needed. That has yet to be established.

      for more reading
      and after this link below you will understand I pray
      and I found nurses that did not even know they a required to call why

      The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 requires health professionals and vaccine manufacturers to report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) specific adverse events that occur after the administration of routinely recommended vaccines. In response to NCVIA, CDC and FDA established VAERS in 1990 (Chen, Vaccine, 1994).

      • admin says:

        So after 25 years of vaccinating babies, NOW they’re going to study them? But they’re the scientists – we have to listen to what they say? They actually know nothing!

    • LEWIS says:

      No. 09–152. Argued October 12, 2010—Decided February 22, 2011
      The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA or Act) created a no-fault compensation program to stabilize a vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine-related tort litigation and to facilitate compensation to claimants who found pursuing legitimate vaccine-inflicted injuries too costly and difficult……………………..
      provides that “no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side-effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” The Third Circuit affirmed.
      Held: The NCVIA preempts all design-defect claims against vaccine manufacturers brought by plaintiffs seeking compensation for injury or death caused by a vaccine’s side effects. Pp. 7–19.

      see why

      if I hurt in anyway I could and would be held responsible even to death if the harm was bad enough.

      • admin says:

        Ah, but you don’t have the money that Big Pharma does. There’s the difference! Glaxo is knowingly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths from 3 drugs that they produced and whose harm they were aware of and covered up for years. When they were finally caught out, they paid a $3 billion fine. Big Deal! They made $27 billion from those 3 drugs alone – so it’s business as usual. Their board members won’t go to jail no matter how many people they murder so as long as they’re making money and protected from personal responsibility, they’ll just keep on keeping on and we’ll keep on dying.

    • Frankie says:

      Bruce, developing nations also often have poor sanitation, hygiene & nutrition making them vulnerable to many diseases. Perhaps you should educate yourself on some basic facts. These diseases had been on the decrease if you look at the data, steadily over the past hundred or so years, due to better sanitation and standards of living.

  4. Liz Hempel says:

    Such a heartbreaking story. No parent should ever have to lose a child this way. When my son was born and still hadn’t made the firm decision to no longer vaccinate, I distinctively remember the midwife saying to me that the Hep B vaccine could wait til he was two months old. I was aware that this was not in keeping with the schedule, but in hindsight, I get the feeling she was subtly trying to urge me to reconsider. I wish I had. Unfortunately I did consent to the vaccine, but since then, my second son has been ALMOST vaccine free. My partner did ask that he have the oral rotavirus vaccine, ssince his younger nephew apparently almost died from rotavirus. Here is where the insanity of it all kicks in. His nephew was vaccinated against rotavirus, but his mother was told that if he hadn’t have been vaccinated against it, it probably would have been…worse. My son is fully breastfed and protected by my antibodies. At nine months old we’re still going strong. To other parents and parents-to-be out there, all I ask is that you please just do your own independent research. The authorities have a politically and financially motivated agenda which should be factored into whatever decision you make for the wellbeing of your child.

    • Tammy says:

      I don’t understand the part about it being worse if the nephew hadn’t have been vaccinated. Does that mean he would have died if he hadn’t have been vaccinated?

  5. Sian Morton says:

    A child of 5 weeks of age does not receive Hep B vaccination as part of a newborn Hep B programme. Is there an explanation for why was this child vaccinated with this vaccine at this particular age?

    • admin says:

      I have no idea Sian – but I do know that many times, doctors will vaccinate a child when they see it since it is a matter of convenience for the doctor. You can write to Micheal Belkin via his website at the Refusers and ask him. I’m sure he will be happy to answer your question.

    • Beat says:

      Yeah, they do! I was in hosp. For the birth of my 1st niece recently and they gave it about the 2 nd day! Just doing research on it now since the issue has ripped my rights to c the little one from me-my mum being a member of the religion of ‘drs know everything, we shall not question them’ what it appears is Oz is probably dispensing w US dumping of vaccine, since they have done away w the practice of giving this vaccine to infants according to Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

    • Maree says:

      Sian. It is standard procedure where I am from (Melbourne, Australia) that every newborn is given Hep B at birth along with Vitamin K. A parent needs to sign a consent form for Hep B so therefore, the parent can refuse.

      • admin says:

        Hi Maree,
        In the best of all possible worlds, parents are supposed to sign a consent form for EVERY medical procedure performed on their child in hospital. In the real world, that’s not always what happens and there are many people whose children have been vaccinated and given vitamin k shots without their knowledge or consent.

    • Jennifer says:

      Why are you questioning this, Sian? Perhaps it was part of a catch-up schedule which is routinely done in the US, and here, as you surely must know. The highly trained doctor or nurse immunizer knew what was best for the infant. Obviously.

    • Liz butterfield says:

      In Australia, it is routinely given at day 2 or 3.

  6. Jenni says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you must feel at what you thought was a way to protect your child.
    It is for all the reasons you have listed that I have not had my son vaccinated. I can only hope that more people find the courage to go against the grain and leave their precious angels unvaccinated.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jenni,
      Lila Rose’s father, Michael Belkin, has started a website called The Refusers where he turns his anger and sorrow at his daughter’s death into something very positive. You might want to check out the page –

      He has done a LOT of research on this subject and is a statistician as well so he is able to comment on the problems with vaccine research in a very professional manner.

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