Make an informed vaccination choice

One of the most vital of these decisions is whether to vaccinate our children fully, partially or at all. All of these choices are valid but, since vaccines, like all medical procedures, can carry with them the possibility of serious injury or death, we need to be able to make our choice with the best available information.

Unlike medical treatments which are given to relieve the symptoms of illness, vaccination is given to healthy babies, children and adults. Therefore, the requirement to ensure safety is greater for vaccines then for any other medical product or procedure.

The medical community and government health authorities want to ensure that every child, and indeed, every adult, gets each vaccine on offer. But the ultimate decision is and must always remain with us – the child’s parents. After all, vaccination is not compulsory for school, pre-school or childcare in Australia and no parent will lose out on any government payment if they choose not to vaccinate.

By the time an Australian child is 12 months old, they will receive 23 vaccines and by the time they start school, that number will more than double. We owe it to our children to be fully informed about all aspects of vaccine safety and effectiveness. If we don’t investigate this issue fully, we may not be doing the best thing for our children or for ourselves.

The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc. (AVN) has been operating since 1994 with a mandate to provide scientifically-sourced information on this complex and difficult issue. We believe that everyone has the right to access all available data on vaccinations, immunisations, immunizations, inoculations – whatever you choose to call them. The government and the medical community provide you with one side of the story – the AVN gives you the other side. Taken together, this data will allow you to make the best possible decision for the health of your child.

The AVN – because every issue has two sides

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116 comments on “Make an informed vaccination choice
  1. Suzanne says:

    My father contracted polio in 1956 and was placed in an iron lung because he could not breath otherwise. He contracted pneumonia in both lungs and then died. My grandaughter, who is now 5, contracted pneumonia when she was 2 and the complication of the pneumonia was an empyema on her lung. We were very lucky that she survived. I know that one of the main complication that can follow many of the childhood diseases is the complication of pneumonia.

    • mary says:

      The 1st thing you should be asking anyone talking about vaccines isname the ingredients in them and the danger of those ingredients , if they cannot tell you they dont know what they are talking about . 2nd it is a myth non vaccinated cause disease spreading because those vaccinated are contageous for 2 weeks after the shot and are spreading the disease . There is no body count of people who die from vaccines or injured . The day you trust lying governments to inject you child with anything is the day you should not be a parent , they expect you to protect them . Farber used to be the bio weapons devision of the Nazi regime so was BAYER . truth is here.

  2. Ian says:

    A simple question: how many parents of vaccinated children are not fully immunised ?…if your are born in the 1960’s or earlier you are not fully immunised as the vaccines didn’t exist…and at any moment you could be spreading deadly diseases in the community…thats like millions and millions of Americans, there is no such thing as herd immunity….stop blaming parents who don’t vaccinate and think for a minute are you fully immunised yourself ?

  3. scott ferguson says:

    Hey guys, you know of course that over a hundred non immunised Amish folk returned to Ohio this year after a trip to the Phillipines to spread the word, and now they’re spreading MEASLES!! Yep, huge outbreak! Keep fighting the good fight oh smug ones.

    • meryldorey says:

      Scott Ferguson – you do realise that the Amish don’t travel in planes or trains or automobiles, don’t you? Nice try – they also don’t proseletise. You really do need to check your facts before embarrassing yourself this way.

  4. Marte says:

    …fresh water, healthy food and proper sanitation first?

    Tell us the vaccine preventable diseases that are primarily caused by polluted water, unhealthy food and poor sewage disposal?

    • Greg Beattie says:

      Yes, they are, as a matter of fact. Just look at how they naturally disappeared – well before the introduction of vaccines – when living conditions and sanitation improved.

  5. Alice says:

    Im a mother of four children, in Mullumbimby, NSW. My youngest daughter has a hole in her heart. They are all healthy.
    The last thing I want for my children is for either or all of them to die.
    I remember my grandfather talking with sadness about his two older sisters, who died in 1915. They contracted diphtheria, and died at ages 7 and 8.
    I don’t want my children to be ill or injured.
    So as their protector, I protect them as much as I can, whilst encouraging independence and autonomy. And Im aware of their rights as humans.
    I don’t want to be part of a cult-like group such as some of the Steiner Schoolers around here.
    I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories, because I prefer to have a happy and busy life. I don’t smoke pot, and haven’t fried my brain from substance use. I dont hang out with people who believe in aliens, and people who think we should all condemn all modern pharmaceuticals and government decisions.
    Life is just too short to get bogged down with negative people.
    Life is too short to worry about a gluten free diet.
    Life is too short to obsess about the next type of colonic irrigation and vitamin infusion.
    Life is too short to constantly banter on about sugar free, gluten free, meat free, egg free food.
    I am annoyed my people who can’t see they’re in a cult. I’m annoyed by people who aren’t sceptical.
    I’m annoyed by people who believe in assumptions, who hold on to an idea and then constantly reinforce to themselves their beliefs.
    I’m annoyed by parents who force their kids to be vegetarian. Or gluten free. Or sugar free.
    It’s the forcing that annoys me.
    Some parents just love the ego trip of forcing their kids. I’ve heard it heaps… ” I care for you care much, that I couldn’t possibly let you eat a sausage… It might have a preservative in it” or “I care for you so much, that I wouldn’t dare let you have a piece of birthday cake, because you are allergic to gluten”
    These parents are bombastic and forcing their belief system onto their children.
    They don’t like the idea of vaccination, as they think they are far more intelligent and perceptive, and caring of their children, than people who vaccinate. I hear ” I couldn’t possibly vaccinate my baby, because I care too much, (and Im a perfect mother)”
    This delusion is a real delusion, prominent in our society. Especially here in Northern Rivers.
    It’s like a massive ego trip for parents.
    These parents are taking away their children’s rights with their forceful and delusional misguided belief system.
    The right to be vaccinated is a right all babies have.
    I’ve spoken with lots of women about vaccination. For many women, the thought of taking their beautiful baby to an immunisation clinic, where a whole heap of strangers in clinical attire intend to put a needle in your child’s arm…. This thought is unbearable for many women, particularly single mothers. They don’t want to hurt their baby. They love that baby so so much, and the stresses of trying to be perfect in the eyes of their society, as well as to not hurt, is real. They dread the actual needle, not because of the so called risks of vaccines, but because of the ordeal of their baby or toddler having a needle. They feel unsupported and scared. They feel guilt at hurting their babies arm. They feel bad that they soothed their baby, they said (as only Mummas do) that its not going to hurt…. And it darned well did. The real issue is the fear of the needle. And the unbearable sound of children crying who had just had their needle. Or needles. This is sometimes like a drill in the brain of an already stressed, sleep deprived and lonely unsupported woman. Maybe for some, it’s easier to put the needles off, and join some kind of anti vaccination group. Change the belief system.
    When my last child was born in Mullumbimby several years ago, I couldn’t get the vaccine into her fast enough. This hotspot of low vaccination rates has led to high mortality from pertussis, and measles has raised it’s head too.
    How could I, as a parent, deny my child her best chance of survival?
    Of course we chose to vaccinate.
    In addition, we isolated ourselves from the local farmers market, the schools, shopping centres and places where people were more likely to be coughing and spreading the deadly diseases.
    And luckily we did.
    Another little baby born around the same time wasnt so lucky. And she died of pertussis in our local hospital.
    A year later, my daughter contracted pertussis. She had been vaccinated at all the correct ages.
    A child in my class at school became extremely sick (unvaccinated) and several others also became sick with pertussis. My little child contracted it too. But although she got the dreaded whooping cough, she won’t really sick. It wasnt bad. She didn’t go blue, or without breath for too long. She was okay. So the vaccine minimised the severity of the infection. And she’s not likely to get sick with measles, mumps or rubella either. And she won’t get lockjaw and die from tetanus either.
    Given my daughter has a hole in her heart, we take extra precautions with her health.
    We are happy, and healthy. We are hippies.
    But we vaccinate because we don’t go along with crackpot ideas like sheep in a flock. We don’t care about herd immunity. We just vaccinate.
    We just minimise the risks and get on with life.

    We wish other people would too, so innocent children didn’t suffer because of their parents taking away their children’s rights to vaccination.