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April 30, 2012

Anyone can become a member of the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. If you believe in freedom of choice or want more information on the issues of vaccination, natural health, or instinctive parenting, join the AVN. Please click here to join.

Do doctors have to sign Conscientious Objector forms?

April 17, 2012
Held to ransom

This article was originally published on our nocompulsoryvaccination blog. I felt it was important to repost here because this is a question many parents have and one which is especially important now that you can stand to lose $2,100 in the Family Tax Benefit Supplement if you aren’t aware of the exemptions available to you. […]

Make an informed vaccination choice

March 2, 2012
pros and cons in letterpress type

One of the most vital of these decisions is whether to vaccinate our children fully, partially or at all. All of these choices are valid but, since vaccines, like all medical procedures, can carry with them the possibility of serious injury or death, we need to be able to make our choice with the best […]

V is for Vendetta « No Compulsory Vaccination

April 29, 2012

Please note – there is an action alert at the end of this posting. Since being vindicated by the NSW Supreme Court on the 24th of February and subsequently having our authority to fundraise reinstated on the 18th of April this year, the AVN has been the subject of no less then four separate government […]

Vaccination Information

April 9, 2012

Are you confused? Join the club! Vaccination information is so contradictory, it’s hard to know what to believe. That’s why the AVN says that you need to look at both sides of this issue, ask lots of questions, look at your own family’s health history and then – and ONLY then – make a decision […]

HCCC Once Again Shown to be Incompetent and Arrogant

May 1, 2014

In a move that displays the worst of medical politics, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) has once again issued a public warning against the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network, Inc. (AVN). This office and the way in which they have carried out their ‘investigation’ are an absolute disgrace. They have made themselves into a laughing […]

Another HCCC ‘investigation’ and complaint about the AVN

March 19, 2014

As you probably already know, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) spent more than a year and a great deal of taxpayer funds investigating the Australian Vaccination Network in 2009 / 2010. This resulted in their being told by the Supreme Court that they had acted illegally and did not have the jurisdiction to […]

Gardasil Vaccine, Katie Couric & Cyber Lynching

January 30, 2014

The public flogging of veteran broadcast journalist Katie Couric began on Dec. 4, 2013, immediately after a 17-minute report on HPV and Gardasil vaccine was broadcast on her TV talk show “Katie.” It was kick-started by a west coast business writer, who administered the first lash with a bizarre take-down of freedom of the press: […]

Richard Glover asks – How much honesty do we really need?

November 30, 2013
Make a choice

Richard Glover from the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age/Canberra Times and other Fairfax newspapers, has asked the question – How much honesty do we really need? Unfortunately, his article is filled with so much misinformation due to, I would imagine, a complete lack of research on his part. Is he simply rehashing what the Minister for […]

Studies supporting vaccine/autism causation

August 27, 2013
upset boy

The following 68 medical journal studies support the link between vaccination and autism. So the next time a doctor or government official tells you that this link is non-existent, please point them to this list of references. We will update this page as new studies are published. Thank you to Ginger Taylor and the Age […]

If the press covered the flu outbreak like they cover autism…

January 11, 2013

imagine what the coverage would be like if they reported on the flu like they do on autism. First of all, officials wouldn’t be sure if there really were more people with flu or if it was just better diagnosing of illnesses that they used to call other things. They’d also claim the diagnosis has […]

Government puts boot into the AVN, Democracy and the Truth

December 15, 2012

As many of you would have seen, the NSW Department of Fair Trading has announced that they want the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) to change its name because of concern from within the community. Yet in their response to the media, the only one who complained was the Australian Medical Association – an industry lobby […]

Meryl Dorey interview – 2CC Canberra 30 November 2012

November 30, 2012

Interviewer: Mike (I) Interviewee: Meryl Dorey (M) I:               The issue of vaccination has come to a point again. It was about this time last year we were talking about an outbreak of something in particular and we were talking to the parents of a couple of very … or families that had smaller children, almost […]

Government and AMA-funded booklet-an exercise in propaganda

November 29, 2012

Earlier this week, the Australian Academy of Science, an organisation at least partly funded by the Australian Government  (despite claims to the contrary by the current head of the AMA)  and stacked with people who hold strong relationships – both financial and working – with the pharmaceutical industry, released a booklet called The Science of […]

Meryl Dorey Interview Dick-O and Anjali – 2UE 27/11/12

November 28, 2012

Dick-O and Anjali Interviewers: Dick-O (D), Anjali (A) Interviewee: Meryl Dorey (M) A:              Now, Dick-O, when my son Izzy was born 3 years ago, I quickly realised there were very specific things I needed to do to protect this little mite. Things that, to me, were not even a question. Like getting him immunised. D:             […]


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