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21 comments on “Join the AVN
  1. jack says:

    Just a note on what happened in japan in the 1950s when the Americans occupied that country post WW2, & initiated a vaccination program which seen autism rates soar when previously they were unheard of.

    The mothers in many prefectures got violent towards their local doctors who then stopped vaccinating. From this time on autism plummeted, unfortunately a couple of generations later the spin machines were again at full flight & the lessons of the past were forgotten.

    can anybody really believe vaccinating a new born baby with many strains of a live serum derived from dead animals & feotus’s, preserved in a mercury is safe. It’s criminal insanity.

    Just check “pinks disease” another great little initiative of the AMA, while you are at it research how the AMA came into being & you will find the usual suspects behind it!!!

  2. Jenna says:

    I am currently pregnant and I would like to make the best informed decisions when it come to vaccinating if at all my new baby.

    • Zoe says:

      There is heaps of reading material out there. Just keep looking and reading would be my recommendation. I choose not to immunize my little one and I am happy with the decision. After two of my friends have both immunized there little ones and one has had whopping cough and the other has had Rotivirus twice (both fully immunized and up to date). Plus when you read some of the stuff that is in the vaccines. What ever you do make a informed decision.

    • Lyle says:

      I would say for your little ones and for other children around the very best thing you can do for your little one is vaccinate, its a little like wearing a seat belt in your car, on rare occasions the will injure or even kill but for the vast majority of cases they save lives the only difference is we make seat belts compulsory! Please think of your baby because VACCINATIONS REALLY DO SAVE LIVES!!!!

  3. renae says:

    me too Jenna,
    I’m 29 weeks and find the prospect very scary

  4. J Power says:

    Hi Renae and Jenna, I have one vaccinated (partially) and one not vaccinated. The second one is generally healthier than the first. When he does get sick, it is for a short time and is self-limiting with no need for any doctor’s visit. I know it is a hard decision for any parent to make especially if there are others giving advice. You have to remember that it is only you the parent who owns the responsibility for that decision not matter which way you go. I have read and researched for more than 12 years now and so far, i have found nothing to make me regret my decision to stop vaccinating my kids. Two books that I recommend : Fooling Ourselves On the Fundamental Value of Vaccines by Greg Beattie and Vaccine Epidemic by Louise Habakus. There is another one I read years ago by Dr. Richard Halvorsen, a GP in England. You can get the name of his books on the net. Good luck !

    • Rebecca says:

      I have three children who are all fully immunised. All children are extremely healthy and have been since birth. All parents should vaccinate their children. Start looking at the research which shows no link between vaccination and autism.

      • meryldorey says:

        I’m so glad that your children are healthy Rebecca – all parents want that. Unfortunately, there are thousands of Australian families whose experiences with vaccines have not been as positive. As for the link between autism and vaccination – there are many articles from peer-reviewed research which show a strong relationship between vaccines and autism. Perhaps instead of only reading articles which agree with your worldview, you should research a bit further.

      • One quick note. Don’t just look at research attempting to link vaccinations with autism. Instead look for vaccines and adverse reactions. There is plenty going on under that heading never mind the possible autism link. Good luck.

  5. Sabine Maher says:

    Yes I have researched into Vaccinations and the things they put into needles is horrible so that the side effects is worse then the illness itself.. I had all my measles and mumps etc all received as a “go and play with your friend.. she has the measles” approach and I have a healthier immune system then my daughter who has been vaccinated… Also having found out now that mercury and many other things are added I am now against vaccinations … Also… when swine flue was around I refused the needles and so did my young daughter and we both had it.. who from? A nurse from the public hospital. It was the very nurses who told me to say no as the additives in the vaccination were too dangerous and they had been asked not to get it.. so when they got the swine flu they were sent home until they were better… Now there is a new virus hitting the countries and guess what??? If you DID NOT have a vaccination against the swine flue you will not have to worry about the affects of that new virus but people who HAD the shots have to be careful :( We who didn’t have a better immune system to cope with it. So I think its definitely informed choice.. if we get to know all the information…

  6. Amber says:

    I had convulsions with my 18mnth old needle which caused me to stop breathing in my cot. luckily my mum has gone to check on me when she found I was all blue and not breathing. my parents then were told I would have Autism and I have had a LOT of learning difficulties and always got teased at school because after my vaccination I had VERBAL DSYPRAXIA. it was torcher. being stuck inside a body that I cant express what I wanted to express. I couldn’t speak at all !! I still remember throwing myself on the ground in front of the fridge because no one could understand what I wanted. I learnt sign language at the age of 2 years old and had years on end speech therapy which I hated so much. I still have speech problems and it does make me unconfident with a lot of things. the vaccine damaged people are made to sit in the dark and not to speak out and its just not fair. years of being bullied, spent years of so much hurt and anger. it still rips me apart today because it impacted my life so much and will forever and to think I could have been a normal kid just hurts the most. I know if I had of died it would have just been considered as cot death or ”SIDS”. I have strongly chosen not to vaccinate my child who is now 9 months old. she is so healthy and I have watched many of my friends vaccinated kids always getting sick. my child plays with them but doesn’t seem to pick up anything. I did however breastfeed her for 7.5 months. a baby boy in my mothers group ended up contracting the rotavirus after his vaccination and he was the only one in my play group that was being vaccinated. it was a bit like karma. the risks are always there. you only have to be that small percentage that has a serve reaction and that can change your whole life around like it did with mine. I think it works both can be that small percentage to have the bad reaction and it kills you or be that small percentage that actually gets the disease. it saddens me that vaccine damaged people don’t get their say in whether we will choose to vaccinate our children or not. they really need to start showing the other side to the story of vaccinations. how about stop showing the whooping cough babies dying and show the dead babies from those vaccines and stop hiding the compensation pay outs that we don’t hear about either. its time to speak up the truth. the government is corrupted and making vaccine companies filthy rich. their are no studies on the long term effects of vaccines but im guessing a shorter life and with more health problems.

    • Person says:

      I’m very sorry that you have suffered from autism and it must have made life a lot harder for you. But it is unlikely it was caused by the vaccination. There is fairly conclusive evidence that vaccines can trigger fits that lead to autism but do not cause them. This basically means that you have a congenital disease for which there are a variety of triggers. It’s true (but unlikely) that you could never have encountered any of these other triggers and led a normal healthy life. However, you are an unlikely case. Yes vaccines can cause issues, and are not 100% effective. But the alternative is what we had before vaccines: epidemics that killed or crippled children by the millions. This is very evident in third world countries like India where vaccinations are rare and alarmingly high numbers of children die each year of a multitude of preventable diseases. Your child is protected from infection by the high numbers of vaccinated children surrounding him. If your autism was triggered by a vaccination it is sensible not to vaccinate your child. But if you encourage everyone to do the same he will be much more likely to come into contact with and contract a preventable disease that could kill him. So encouraging others to vaccinate is better for their children and for yours.

      • meryldorey says:

        One of the dumbest things I’ve ever read, Person. Vaccines trigger but don’t cause autism. Find another hair and start splitting it. This mythical underlying condition is a complete load of rubbish. How does your underlying condition explain the fact that autism has increased from 1:10,000-20,000 to 1:50 in just 30 years? And please don’t tell me better diagnosis because that particular red herring has been well and truly fished out.

      • Steph says:

        Person! How dare you tell someone what theyve been suffering from is not where they know its from!! You are very rude!!
        You know the armish? They dont vaccinate, theres 3 autistic cases in the armish 2 of which were vaccinated for travel! So what do you make of that? Go do some research!

  7. Megs says:

    A parent knows what is right for there child. Not the government, not anyone, you do. You have the right to choose. That is the right answer.

  8. On behalf of an Anonymous Pro-Vaccine Scientist says:

    Why is my comment still awaiting moderation? Just because I disagree with your little site of pseudo-science? Please let my comment be submitted:

    “As someone who works in bio-medical science I find absolutely all of this to be obscene and I wouldn’t be surprised if this message is hastily omitted from this page. I will say that in my state, NSW, the NSW health department has released a very informative manual addressing all the common misconceptions about the dangers of vaccines. I advise you read the entire thing and that you don’t rely on this site as form of information.

    I suggest that if you want further information you speak to your doctor, or a biologist or bio-based scientist, the health department or even delve further into scientific literature and peer review reports.

    Instead of attempting to educate you I suggest you learn for yourself by looking at reliable and accurate sources. If you come back saying things like “the vaccine is worse than the disease it prevents” then I suggest you keep reading.

    Thank you.”

    • Debra says:

      To Anonymous Pro-Vaccine scientist – have you even bothered to read the inserts with any of the vaccinations? They ALL warn against a myriad of reactions/contraindications/precautions and even autism now. In case you aren’t sure where to find this info please check this link:
      As for your comment regarding attempts at education perhaps you could do with educating and being suitably informed yourself.
      NB There is NO sicentific proof that vaccines are safe and do what they were intended.

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